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There is one vital quality of a clean home and it is the health safety of its occupants and visitors. A clean home fosters the good health and sanity of the people living in it and also protects the investment of its owner. So does a clean commercial environment. It takes effort to maintain a home or a commercial space and also cleaning it. For some people it might even be a very wicked task to do.

It is for this reason we are established; to help people take on these arduous chores and relieve them of the stress of going about it alone.

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About Us

Reliability, trustworthiness, and transparency are one of the great qualities we possess that makes us the most trusted team of washers in all of Chesapeake, VA. We are aware of every trend in the industry and we tend to improvise to make our services more suitable for our clients. We are reputable for the excellent results of the services we offer. We ensure that our services are rendered perfectly to our clients while also eliminating worry and fear because they are not a part of the product. We ensure that all our services are rendered with one goal in mind, which is to ensure that our clients are safe and healthy.

Our Services

We offer the best services in all of Chesapeake VA. Our services are affordable and long lasting. We are motivated by what we do and are passionate about how we do it. We want to ensure that everyone is safe from viral infections, germs, and sicknesses. If you need our services which are soft washing, house washing, roof cleaning, wood cleaning, commercial and rust removal, you can always contact us. We are always available regardless of the day.  

Pressure Washing Chesapeake - Soft Washing

Soft Washing

The soft washing method uses a combination of chemicals and low pressure washing techniques. It is effective in getting rid of mold and mildew, algae, dirt, grime and other forms of infestation. It is the ideal washing method to use for delicate materials like roof shingles, windows etc. When soft washing is applied, the chemical goes to the root of these infestation and kills them completely to avoid there regrowth. It is the perfect alternative for pressure washing; a method that uses pressure during cleaning process.

Pressure Washing Chesapeake - House Washing

House Washing

Washing the home is the best way to make it safer and healthier for the occupants of the house. House washing can be very rigorous task. It is something no one likes because of the stress involved. Using the right method, equipment and chemical or cleaning agents are one of the numerous ways to make the process easier. Getting all the tools you will need prepared and in place is the most important thing to do before beginning the process.

Pressure Washing Chesapeake - Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

The roof is a part of the house that is usually neglected in the process of house washing. The roof of your house is vital. Algae grow on the roof and destroy the roof shingles which reduces the lifespan of the roof. Cleaning the roof is a great way to keep it maintained and also attractive. A clean roof is what beautifies a house while an old and worn roof, makes a house look dilapidated.

Pressure Washing Chesapeake - Wood Cleaning

Wood Cleaning

The wood used in making your furniture or floor needs to be cleaned regularly in order to be maintained thoroughly. The most important aspect of cleaning a wood is ensuring that the right cleaning agents are used. After the cleaning process, it is important to wax the wood thoroughly to help its regain its lost shine and beauty. The environmental factors that destroy woods are sun and heat. It is important to protect your wood from these factors.

Pressure Washing Chesapeake - Commercial


The cleanliness of your work place is vital and very important because it promotes productivity, creativity, and conscientiousness. Hiring commercial cleaners for your work place is the ideal thing to do rather than overwhelming your staff with the task. The equipment and cleaning materials for cleaning a commercial space is different from the ones used in cleaning a house due to difference in size of these two places.

Pressure Washing Chesapeake - Rust Removal

Rust Removal

Rust can be removed from iron or metal items with natural remedies like baking soda and water, lime, lemon and salt, white vinegar, potato and dish soap, soda, steel wool or sandpaper. There are also chemicals used in removing rust from products effectively if you are not comfortable with the idea of using home remedies. Rust can also be prevented with the right maintenance procedure.  For instance, keeping your iron and metal items away from moisture is a great way to maintain and prevent them from rusting.

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Mirabel M.

“I hired pressure washing Chesapeake for my house washing and im very excited with the result. My lawn wasn’t affected and my garden was also protected. They are great at what they do. I totally recommend!

John P.

My roof was almost falling apart when I decided to contact pressure washer Chesapeake and eventually hired them when I was convinced. They did a perfect job and surprised me. I totally thought it’d be impossible.”

Joana W.

“I decided to remove the rust off most of mechanical appliances that were in the junkyard which my friend advised me to do instead of disposing them. I bought the idea and ran with it. I hired pressure washer Chesapeake and I’m glad I have my money saved for better things. They are amazing and they performed excellent”

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