No matter how well maintained your metal properties are, rust will still find its way on their surfaces. The good thing is, rust is removable. There are various methods and techniques involves in removing rust from your precious metals instead of disposing them and unnecessarily buying new ones. Rust is inevitable because if you put your metal properties in the open, oxygen and moisture will be present. And the combination of these two elements on the surface of your metal causes it to rust. With our special rust removal techniques, your metal will be as good as new again.

Home Remedies for Rust Removal

With few items from kitchen, you will be able to remove rust from your metal on your won. All you need are baking soda and water or lemon, lime and salt or white vinegar, or potato and dish soup or soda or steel wool or sandpaper. Baking soda and water is the most used home remedy for virtually all household items. It is a highly effective remedy for rust removal. Make a paste using baking soda and water and apply it all over the rusted surface and then scrub it off using a brush. For lemon, lime and salt, you can decide to use either lime or lemon, sprinkle salt on the rusted area, and squeeze lime or lemon over it. Leave it for an hour and then rub the area with a lime or lemon rind to remove the rust. There are other chemicals and methods that can be used to remove rust from metal if you are not comfortable with the home remedies listed.

Abrasive Buff Wheels

This is a quick and effective method of rust removal. One of the major [things to consider is your safety. Ensure that you have your protective gear on before starting the process. Once you have your protective gear on, attach a brown abrasive buff wheel into a rotary at 7000rpm, move the abrasive over the metal and get the rust off immediately. This method will remove the rust but won’t make the item look glossy unless you polish it.

Pressure Washing Chesapeake Form

Pressure Washing Chesapeake - Rust Removal

Abrasive Rubber Polishers

Abrasive rubber polishers are easy and quick to use. There are a variety of shapes, grits and sizes that you can choose from for easy and convenient rust removal experience. You can also use them to remove rust from your metal jewelry effectively with the perfect grit size and shape.

Rust Prevention

Although it is inevitable, rust can be avoided with simple maintenance methods. Firstly, ensure that your metal or iron items are dry before they are kept because moisture and oxygen can destroy them. Installing a dehumidifier in the places where your metal and iron items are stored is a great way to keep them away from rust. Painting and oiling also helps protect the surface of you metal and iron items. If you are going to paint them, ensure that you use paints of high quality. Ensure that you remove any sign of rust before it damages your item.